Justin Snow



Justin Snow   2019


         Roberta Fallon, co-founder of theartblog.org, teacher, editor and critic, said of Justin Snow’s work “...his paintings reflect the shifting moods of life lived on this planet. Some of Snow’s paintings whisper, and some shout”. Justin says “They’re all abstract explorations in the beginning; question marks”. The meager splashing, scrawled, scribbled beginnings rarely reflect the finished product. It would seem that the freedom producing materials themselves allow the journey to reach a previously unseen destination. To quote Roberta Fallon again “Snow’s paintings satisfy the human thirst for communication, touch and the play of the mind.”

         Justin seems to be on a constant exploration, an exploration with no end in sight; a questioning...a question to which the only possible answer is to be found not at the end of the journey but at the beginning. That was fun. That was interesting... let’s start again.  Timothy Hawkesworth an internationally recognized painter and charismatic teacher, said of Justin’s work “He does not theorize. He paints. In the silence that comes with paint he lives out the hungers and fears, joys and despairs that make up his experience of life. These restless, vibrant paintings are a living record of his journey”.